Who We Are

Tom DePung - Creator and owner of On The run Network TV

Tom envisioned and created On The Run Network TV as a way to help law enforcement nation wide make arrests of felon fugitives on the run. Working with Revel and it's staff they created an effective communication tool using web technology to communicate with Crime stoppers and Silent Observer in aiding arrests. He came up with a very simple rule of thumb for criminals.."criminals know where criminals are" and this became the company's motto.

By communicating and displaying felon fugitives on the run in detention facilities, web site and phone apps, On The Run Network TV has proven to be a highly effective tool in getting them off the streets of communities. Working with Sheriff's, their Detective Bureaus and the local Crime Stoppers and Silent Observer in their respective counties, it has proven to be very successful. Through the concerted efforts of On The Run Network TV and these other agencies there has been scores upon scores of arrests made in each county On The Run Network TV server's.

Tom also wanted to make sure he was giving back to the community's On The Run Network TV served, and in that spirit donates thousands of dollars every year to each county Crime Stopper/Silent Observer and On The Run Network TV serves.

If you want to learn more about this joint venture with On The Run Network TV and law enforcement please contact us.

Tom DePung, Owner
Cell 616.402.1534

Mark Slagle, IT Department
Cell 231.750.1267

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